Foreign Office Issues Strong Warning for UAE: High Risk of Terrorist Attacks

The UK Foreign Office has issued a strong warning for British tourists traveling to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) due to an increased risk of terrorist attacks. Recent threats from terrorists and missile attacks on the UAE have elevated the threat level. Travelers are urged to maintain high security awareness and prioritize their safety while visiting Dubai and other emirates.

New Delhi :The UK Foreign Office has recently updated its travel advisory for British tourists planning to visit the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The advisory draws attention to an increased threat of terrorist attacks in the country, which the Foreign Office deems “very likely.” This warning comes as terrorists have been issuing statements threatening to carry out attacks in the Gulf region, including attacks on western interests.

In addition, there have been recent missile and drone attacks launched into the UAE from Yemen, targeting infrastructure and high-profile locations. While most of these attacks were intercepted and destroyed, there were unfortunately a small number of casualties.

To ensure their safety, travelers are advised to maintain a high level of security awareness, especially in public places and at public events. It is also essential for travelers to have travel insurance that provides sufficient cover and to regularly check entry requirements and restrictions.

However, it is important to note that there are currently no warnings against travel to any part of the UAE. The updated travel advisory specifically targets people planning to visit Dubai and other emirates in the UAE. The Foreign Office states that most visits to the UAE by British nationals are trouble-free.

The potential targets for terrorist attacks in the UAE include residential compounds, military installations, oil facilities, transportation systems, aviation interests, as well as crowded places like restaurants, hotels, beaches, shopping centers, and mosques. It is crucial to remain vigilant at all times while traveling in the UAE.

It is worth mentioning that the advisory does not mention the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. However, it serves as a reminder for travelers to prioritize their safety and security while visiting Dubai and other emirates. As always, it is important to stay informed about the current situation and follow any instructions or guidance from local authorities.

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