Biotech Firm Eyestem Collaborates with RetinAI to Revolutionize Geographic Atrophy Clinical Research with AI

Eyestem Research has partnered with RetinAI Inc. to revolutionize geographic atrophy clinical research using artificial intelligence. This collaboration aims to speed up clinical trials, improve data analysis accuracy, and provide valuable insights into disease progression and outcomes. With geographic atrophy affecting millions worldwide, this partnership holds immense potential to transform treatment and benefit patients globally.

Eyestem Research, a clinical-stage biotech company, has announced an exciting partnership with Ikerian AG and RetinAI Inc. US to advance their cell therapy approach for geographic atrophy. This collaborative effort aims to revolutionize treatment for this condition and benefit patients worldwide.

Dr. Jogin Desai, CEO of Eyestem, is optimistic about the partnership’s potential impact. He believes that combining Eyestem’s cell therapy with RetinAI’s Discovery platform and AI tools will significantly speed up clinical trials and improve data analysis accuracy. This is fantastic news for the 200 million individuals globally who are affected by geographic atrophy, which leads to irreversible vision loss.

Dr. Carlos Ciller, CEO of RetinAI, shares Dr. Desai’s enthusiasm. He is excited about the collaboration and expects it to accelerate research and provide valuable insights into disease progression and outcomes. RetinAI’s Discovery platform will centralize data management and image analysis for the upcoming clinical trials. Their advanced segmentation model will identify and quantify retinal biomarkers, providing essential information for the research.

One of the significant benefits of this partnership is RetinAI’s automated analysis, which will provide real-time insights on clinical endpoints. This will facilitate faster decision-making and ultimately speed up the development of effective treatments for geographic atrophy.

Both Ikerian AG and RetinAI Inc. are well-known for their advanced machine learning and computer vision technology in clinical and pharmaceutical research. Their expertise in these areas will undoubtedly enhance the collaboration and contribute to the development of innovative solutions for patients.

Eyestem Research, supported by grants from the Indian Department of Biotechnology and major Indian pharmaceutical companies, is preparing for Phase I/IIa clinical trials for their cell therapy, Eyecyte-RPE™. This therapy aims to treat geographic atrophy and potentially restore vision for those affected.

The recent funding for Eyestem from Alkem Laboratories, NATCO, and Biological E further demonstrates the significance of this partnership and the potential impact it can have on improving patients’ lives.

This collaboration between Eyestem and RetinAI represents the convergence of biotech innovation and AI technology in the quest to find effective solutions for individuals affected by geographic atrophy. The combination of their respective expertise and resources brings hope for a brighter future for those living with this condition.

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