PM Modi Pays Tribute to Sardar Patel on National Unity Day 2023

Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid homage to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel on his birth anniversary, marking National Unity Day, at the iconic Statue of Unity in Gujarat. During his visit, Modi also launched the Mera Yuva Bharat organization, emphasizing the importance of patriotism and inspiring the youth. The tour and tribute further cemented Modi’s popularity and … Read more

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s Birth Anniversary Celebrated at Silli College along with Festival of Lights

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s birth anniversary was celebrated with great enthusiasm at Silli College in India. The event, held in the college auditorium, saw the principal, staff, and students coming together to pay homage to the great leader. Floral tributes were offered to his portrait, and Dr. Anant Kumar, the principal, stressed the significance of unity … Read more

AU Bank Reports 17% Rise in Q2 Net Profit to ₹402 cr, Boosting Equitas Small Finance Bank Share Price

AU Small Finance Bank has announced a 17% rise in net profit for the September quarter, boosting Equitas Small Finance Bank’s share price. The bank’s strong performance was driven by growth in deposits, digital services, and advances. While the bank’s CEO expressed concerns about global geopolitics and inflation, the Indian economic environment remains robust. Investors … Read more

Why Your Phone Is Beeping: The Cell Broadcast Alert System Testing Explained

Is your phone suddenly beeping with emergency alerts? Don’t worry, it’s just a Cell Broadcast Alert System testing happening in Guwahati, Assam. Read on to understand why this testing is important for improving emergency communication during disasters and ensuring the safety of citizens. Guwahati :Guwahati the major port city in Assam, is gearing up to … Read more

Supreme Court Denies Bail to Manish Sisodia in Delhi Excise Policy Case

The Supreme Court has denied bail to Manish Sisodia, former Delhi deputy chief minister, in a case related to an alleged excise policy scam. Sisodia has been in custody since February 26 and the court directed that the trial procedure be concluded within six to eight months. If the trial proceeds slowly, Sisodia can re-apply … Read more

President Murmu urges maritime sector to adapt to climate change and establish India’s presence at sea

President Droupadi Murmu urges the maritime sector to adapt to climate change and establish India’s presence at sea, emphasizing the need for greener practices and sustainable activities. With its significant marine position and strategic location, India’s maritime sector plays a crucial role in trade and economic growth. However, challenges such as depth restrictions and infrastructural … Read more

Tragic Boat Accident Claims Lives of Two Young Students in Vadakara While Fishing

A tragic boat accident in Vadakara claims the lives of two young students while fishing, leaving a community devastated. The incident occurred when the boat carrying three students capsized in the Mahe Canal. Despite efforts by locals to rescue them, only one student managed to survive. The bodies of the two students were later recovered … Read more

Kartik Maas 2023 – Insights, Traditions, and Precautions for the Auspicious Month

Kartik Maas, the sacred month in Hinduism, has begun today, and it’s time to delve into the insights, traditions, and precautions associated with this auspicious period. During this month, devotees observe fasting, meditation, and worship to attain spiritual liberation. Goddess Lakshmi blesses her devotees with immense wealth, making it an opportune time for worship. From … Read more

All You Need to Know About Sharad Purnima 2023, Time, Significance, and Celebration Rituals

Get ready to celebrate Sharad Purnima 2023 on October 28! This auspicious day is filled with fasting, prayers, and joyful celebrations. Discover the significance of Sharad Purnima, the rituals involved, and why Lord Krishna and Goddess Lakshmi play important roles in this festive occasion. Join in the traditions, offer your prayers to the god of … Read more

Char Dham Temples to Close on Saturday at 4 PM due to Lunar Eclipse, Reopen for Darshan on Sunday.

The Char Dham temples in Uttarakhand, including the revered Badrinath and Kedarnath temples, will be closing their doors on Saturday at 4 PM due to the lunar eclipse. This closure is part of the religious tradition to observe the inauspicious period associated with the eclipse. The temples will reopen on Sunday morning after purification rituals … Read more